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Helping The Community / Purchasing Admin / Donating to Dead Zone Unti5411


 Helping The Community / Purchasing Admin / Donating to Dead Zone

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Helping The Community / Purchasing Admin / Donating to Dead Zone Empty
PostSubject: Helping The Community / Purchasing Admin / Donating to Dead Zone   Helping The Community / Purchasing Admin / Donating to Dead Zone Empty15/8/2010, 13:40

How to Donate to Dead Zone Clan , Keep the community alive and become a Admin.

Not sure what admin is ?

What is Admin?
Admin, in Counter-Strike, is a players who has powers that normal players do not have. You can gain substantial advantages over other players, thus improving your game play experience.

How to Buy Admin
This process will teach you, step by step, on how to buy admin for both of BattleGround's servers.

Step One

First, gather what information you need. You'll need the following for the purchase:
- Your Steam ID (Can be accessed by entering a CS server and typing status in console) / In-Game Name.
- Your payment method (Credit Card and Paypal Accepted)
- About five minutes

Now, contact either Melon, Nathan or Muffin through the forums or Steam Community. Links are above.

Step Two

Contact B!gr0under with your Steam ID/e-mail and let him know you have sent your donation. Once verified, your admin will be installed. Requires a map change to load. Admin lasts for one month (or how long the package you ordered lasts.)

That's it! The entire process, if done correctly, should take no longer than five minutes.

Admin Packages

What is the difference between High Admin and Normal Admin?
The difference is that High Admin is basically the entire package. You receive nearly all the powers that any Battle Ground Moderating Admin has, minus the server configurable ones. Normal Admin is the basic package, you still receive many powers, including multi-jump, kick, slap, slay and a numerous amount of custom admin plugins.

What is the difference between Full and High Admin?
Full admin is the next step. You gain access to even more commands than that of high and normal. You also have access to temporary ban commands ranging from 5 minutes to an hour.

What requirements will I need to satisfy to purchase Full admin?
First of all, You must have a relatively clean abuse record. In addition to a clean record, you must also have demonstrated that you are capable of being responsible and have self-control over your powers.
If you aren't sure if you are qualified for Full Admin.

Admin Packages
These packages are based off the BF2 Admin Packages. Please contact the head moderator of a server if they follow this package plan or support their own.
[ Normal Admin ]
One Month = $5
Two Months = $9*
Three Months = $15*

[ High Admin ]
One Month = $7
Two Months = $12*
Three Months = $15*

[ Full Admin ]
One Month = $10
Two Months = $20*
Three Months = $25*

Question: How do I use admin?
A: It's actually really easy. First, go into console and type amx_help. You will see a list of the first 11 commands you can use. To continue to see more commands, type amx_help again but this time, with a number greater than 10.

amx_help 11
amx_help 21
amx_help 31

You can also type amxmodmenu in console to have a menu appear on your in-game screen that you can access most commands with the menu.

* = In order to receive multi-month discount prices, please refer to this offer.

This is to support Dead Zone and to have it continue to grow. If you want to enjoy playing in the servers and want to contribute to the community to keep it alive then donate anything you can. I have started the community on my own and have been keeping it alive on my own and its quite expensive over time.

Thanks guys any donation will be seriously appreciated.

Ps : Our Server nedds more 126 USD ..So If u Can help me a little to have a server of 30/32 slots ..thnx

You can click the link below to donate through pay pal to Dead Zone account.

pale It wiill be generous pale
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Helping The Community / Purchasing Admin / Donating to Dead Zone
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